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Empower from within

Empowering people to make positive healthy changes in their lives while providing fun, safe, and effective virtual workouts and nutrition coaching for a healthy lifestyle.








Cardio Kickboxing

A high intensity, fast paced workout, designed to get your heart rate up, while you’re having fun! Perfect for all levels.

Cardio Hip Hop

A fun, non-stop, cardio dance workout with hip hop flavor, designed for all levels of dance.

Tone and Sculpt

A total body workout designed to build muscle and define your physique with higher reps and lower weight.


A combination of Pilates, Yoga, and strength to an uptempo beat, designed to enhance the mind-body connection.



Born and raised a Southern California girl, I was immersed in dance and cheerleading. After trying out for the Los Angeles Laker Girls, and working for Banana Boat Sun and Skincare, I decided to get serious with my studies at the University of Arizona. In 1996, I received a Bachelor of Science in Communications, with a minor in Health and Wellness. I’ve lived in Arizona for half of my life, where I’ve raised 3 beautiful children, Reagan, Taylor, and Shane. I have been teaching fitness for 20 years and personally experienced fitness as a tool for not just physical fitness, but mental wellness. My favorite thing about teaching is watching how it makes people feel, and the friendships that are formed through class participation. I believe it’s important to build each other up as a community, because we are in this fitness fight together. I will help lead you through fun, effective, inspiring workouts that help you feel amazing and empowered. My number 1 rule is HAVE FUN!

Coffee is my go juice, and my favorite food is anything smothered in artichokes!

Certifications include:  AFAA, TurboKick, LesMills BodyJam, PiYo, BOSU, and Insanity. NASM Nutrition Certification
Instructor at Revolve Cycling and LA Fitness


Di’s classes are FUN, INNOVATIVE, and as INTENSE as you wish to make them. Now going on 14 years, I have been blessed to be able to workout with D. You can too!

Scott Smithrud

I have been going to Di Anne’s cardio kickboxing class for about 5 years now and it is the absolute best! I look forward to her classes every week because I know I’m going to have a fun, high energy workout! Between the fantastic music, the awesome moves, and D’s upbeat personality, you almost forget you’re working out. Once you try her classes, you’ll be hooked!

Tiffany Rogers

I have been attending D’s kickboxing class for almost 4 years! No matter what kind of day I’m having, I always leave class with a huge smile on my face and tons of energy. Not only does her class push me to the next level, but it is SO much fun!

Kira Darby

Prior to working with Jared on nutrition and health, I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but unfortunately I felt like I was just spinning in terms of my goals and not getting anywhere I wanted to. Once working with Jared, I quickly learned that everything I thought I knew about nutrition was kind of the opposite and absolutely wrong. Having given Jared my total devotion and a tremendous amount of blind faith and just trust putting my health in his hands. After completing my work with him I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I’m eating fantastic, I feel great, my energy levels are awesome, my strength keeps increasing, and I'm hitting all of my goals. I cannot recommend Jared high enough, he is literally one of the best in his field in the country. I’ve double checked for my own personal satisfaction the teachings that he was giving to me and every single person said, ‘your nutritionist was 100% straight on this guy knows what he’s doing’. So please add me to the list of people who will say that about Jared, his knowledge and expertise. Thank you.


I met Jared grieving the losses of my brother and father and then in the wake of that, I got into a very very bad car accident that killed a dear friend of mine and left me relearning to walk. My hip was fractured, I had chronic pain throughout my body and a brain injury. I was told to get many surgeries that didn’t make sense to me, fusing parts of my body together, cutting parts out of my body. I came to Jared and just told him it didn’t make sense to me and I believed in the work that he did. He educated me and empowered me, we worked on my nutrition and just everything that was and wasn’t surviving me. Two years later, no surgeries, I’m sprinting – thank you Jared you’re the best, honestly, thank you so much.


February 2022 I took part in Jared's 5 Day Reset. I went into it thinking I would gain a little information on nutrition, I got so much more. He had such a great uplifting attitude and freely shared so much helpful knowledge on your overall health. How to support your nervous system with breathwork, movement practices that don't put strain on your body and a way of eating that nourishes and supports your body, learning about the importance of how to listen to what your body needs. The 5 days were definitely so helpful to start incorporating all Jared's teachings into your daily life straight away. I have found it so beneficial and already feel like I'm gaining more energy and carrying less stress. I definitely recommend taking part in Jared's 5 Day Reset!